What is Keysi?

An instinctive form of self defence/fighting method based upon our natural body movements,

Acknowledging the fact that most real street attacks involve multiple opponents, KEYSI focuses on developing the individuals intuitive reactions to unexpected violent encounters

  • Awareness

    360° awareness development of your surroundings.

  • Enviornment

    Teaching you to use your environment as a weapon.

  • Fight under Stress

    Recognition of adrenaline and the emotional and psychological impact it has on our ability to defend ourselves.

Keysi Founder & Creator
Justo Deiguez

Keysi was born on 12 October 1957 in a small mining town in the vicinity of Seville in Spain -. This is the birth of Justo Dieguez Serrano, founder of the Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) From an early age working in the mines, learned Justo quickly the way of self-preservation. This was the beginning of an incredible journey full of challenges and tests for a genius of modern times. In order to escape the mine everyday, Justo began around the world to travel, studying and watching many different martial arts, constantly looking for answers. Having received many promises, most of which were not fulfilled, Justo quickly realized the truth lies only in ourselves. So he began his journey into the inner self.

“I don’t sell security, That is impossible. I sell the fact that we are vulnerable. I don’t have a magic formula, its’ attitude and training that matters.”Justo Deiguez

The History

The Academy of Self Defence “Keysi” dates back to 1975, and it is during this period in which Justo Diéguez taught self-defence in different styles; among them we can highlight Filipino Kali, Jeet Kune Do and boxing.

During the period of 1975-1980 in which Justo Diéguez, through his knowledge, he began to develop a self-defence program with a need for real life. With the knowledge of all the self-defence skills which Justo aquired, he observed huge gaps when talking about real life self-defence, away from rules without tatami or a ring.

KFM (Keysi Fighting Method) was created in 1980, a period in which Justo Diéguez began teaching self-defence seminars around the world.

This period consists of 32 years (1980-2012), when the company KFM was dissolved until today, now known as “Keysi by Justo Diéguez”.

KFM despite its unexpected ending and separation, influenced very positively the development and presentation of Keysi worldwide. During these 32 years, Keysi programs have evolved through experience and continuous learning both manual and the method of teaching, changing to be presented in the current way

KEYSI Hollywood

Keysi always enjoys great national and international attention. Even Hollywood has noticed it for some time. Keysi became the official method of fighting in the films “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” and “The Dark Knight Rises” starring Christian Bale.  The movie “Jack Reacher” with Tom Cruise.  “Quantum of Solace” staring Daniel Craig.  Season one of “Game of Thrones.” “Clash of the Titans” starring Sam Worthington.

Keysi in Action

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