Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely.  The first class is free for anyone to try. After that arrangements will be made for continued training
Mr. Muhammad’s desire as an avid student of Martial Arts/Self Defense and life experiences with violence is his inspiration to give the best of himself to his clients and students.  We live in the Urban environment, the city life the new modern and up to date.  X is the unknown, how do we prepare for the unknown by studying the known.  What is known about violence and its make up, martial arts and its makeup, combat sports and its make up.  Taking what we know from research,  experiences and to develop a personal combative system, that empowers anyone to protect themselves and their loved ones.
Yes, Mr. Muhammad has studied other previous systems and offers classes in this as well.
Keysi is based on cultivating the instinct along with the technical development of self defense.  It is based in reality fighting multiple opponent is much different from a 1 on 1 fight.  Read the about page abd visitKeysi World for more detailed information.
No you do not, Keysi is for all skill levels,
Yes for training purposes the instructor will in form you what to get, but you do not need equipment to start the class.
Yes, private training is offered, times and fees vary depending on the length and the number of sessions.