Mr. Muhammad’s desire as an avid student of Martial Arts/Self Defense and life experiences with violence is his inspiration to give the best of himself to his clients and students.  We live in the Urban environment, the city life the new modern and up to date.  X is the unknown, how do we prepare for the unknown by studying the known.  What is known about violence and its make up, martial arts and its makeup, combat sports and its make up.  Taking what we know from research and experiences  to develop a personal combative system, that empowers anyone to protect themselves and their loved ones.


This academy believes in training in a realistic but safe manner.  Self Defense is more than just a great skill to have, your life.and your loved ones depend on it.  It is one thing to compete in tournaments, learn forms and katas, but when violence threatens you , it will not come in the way you “trained” in a traditional sense. You will need to be prepared to deal with adrenaline rush, your state of mind in the MOMENT, and your current environment. The question then becomes can you deal with a verbal threat and a physical threat accordingly regardless of a particular style?


“If you don’t train the way a real fight takes place, then you are fighting the way you must really train for any situation.”R.K. Muhammad
A Martial Arts/Self Defense enthusiast with a passion for helping others reach their full potential as a warrior. Since the age of 13, Raymond Muhammad has been an avid practitioner of the Martial Arts. Starting in Tae Kwon Do, he competed in various tournaments ranking 1st to third place in youth divisions.
As a high school student, the subjects of math, physical science, philosophy and culture, captured his interest. He was heavily influenced by the “Tao of Jeet Kune Do” since his high school and through college. Volunteering in community based organizations, sharing his knowledge and passion of the martial arts led to the study with other martial arts students of various styles and systems. He exchanged notes while developing his own personality into his training. Under the teaching of Grandmaster Michael Augsberger in Chung Do Mu Sool Won, he achieved his 1st degree Black Belt.
Mr. Muhammad’s study of self-defense took a turn, after surviving an armed robbery. Mr. Muhammad learned several things, some of which are:
  • Violence can take any shape or form
  •  No number of techniques can prepare one physically, mentally and emotionally for a real threat, if the training is not based in reality.
  • The lack of understanding what the body does under stress.
 Mr. Muhammad began to question aspects of his previous training. This lead him on a quest to learn how the mind operates under violent encounters and teach self-defense from the realities of the street.
“Traditions must be built upon, not rested on,” is one of Mr. Muhammad’s strong beliefs in Martial Arts as well as in life.
The focus of self-defense became Mr. Muhammad priority and martial arts second
Mr. Muhammad is a Level 1 instructor in Keysi, street based self-defense that deals with unexpected violence
 and a Certified Coach in the SPEAR PDR which a behavior-science based self defense system
To this day Mr. Muhammad continues to train with like-minded practitioners to continue his growth and development. Taking his training and testing it against reality based situations, inspires Mr. Muhammad in continuous training.